From Lunar Eclipse towards Solar Eclipse 2018

What is waiting for us in the coming period after lunar and solar eclipses?

Lunar eclipse

We experienced the longest lunar eclipse of the century a few days back, on 27th of July at 11.20 pm Helsinki time, while the Aries was rising. The event took 3 hours 55 minutes altogether including the time of the partial eclipse before and after the full eclipse. The full eclipse itself lasted 1 hour and 43 minutes.

Moon was at its closest point to the Earth on its orbit, thus called “super Moon”. At the farthest point it is called “micro Moon”. This eclipse was observable from South America, Africa, Europe, Asia and Australia. Looking from Earth, Mars was visually very close to the Moon at the same direction.

To us earthlings the fastest moving celestial body is the Moon. Thus it symbolically represents change for us. Astrologically, lunar eclipses behave like long lasting strong full moons. The longer the eclipse, the longer the effects.

Some accompanying events with this lunar eclipse:

  • E.g. in Finland and Turkey: Aries rising
  • Retrograde Mars in conjunction with Moon
  • Uranus in T-square with the eclipse
  • Retrograde Chiron joining to the eclipse with sextile and triangle
  • Retrograde Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Mars, Chiron and Mercury

This eclipse shows potential to significant change in general level. Its strong nature will probably not be reflected as much in the outside world as in our inner life. It is time to move focus from unrealistic dreams to the facts of everyday life, work harder and sweat physically. Uranus in the second house may indicate unexpected expenditures. Perhaps due to accidents there is some sudden but mandatory spending. Chiron indicates that with proper attitude we may be able to utilize all these unexpected mishaps to heal some of our old wounds.

Despite all the difficulties and distressing circumstances, we can catch our inner balance in the details of daily life, with discipline and care. It may be a suitable period for re-organizing the everyday life more appropriately (for example starting a diet or starting to exercise). But instead of aggressive and ambitious plans it is more useful to plan changes that we can do with pleasure and with soft transition. So instead of trying to lose weight in a short period, we could for example plan to take half an hour more daily walks and limit smoking. In addition, this period can be fruitful for incorporating some artistic or handicraft activities in our daily life.

In a period with so many planets in retrograde it is also appropriate to find our own inner strength, perhaps to meditate, to re-eye work that we perhaps once started but could not finish. Retrograde movement of the planets resembles a bit a situation where we notice that we have forgotten something at home and go back to fetch it. We may have had goals and we may have ran a little bit too hastily towards those goals and have forgotten to complete something on the road or left it halfway done. This period reminds us to turn back and close those things up.

In general, lunar eclipses have longer lasting effects than regular full moons. Some claim that the effect may span over several years but in my opinion the effect lasts a shorter period. I think that the intense effects of this lunar eclipse will last for a few months and the total effect will last until the next lunar eclipse (a period between six months to one year depending on the location). The effects will continue on a more psychological level in the coming period.

Solar Eclipse

The next solar eclipse will take place on Saturday, August 11 at 12.57 pm. The eclipse will be visible in northern regions only, areas like Siberia, Greenland, Iceland and Lapland. Rest of the world will not see it.

Solar eclipses are materially more powerful than lunar eclipses and are felt more intensely in the areas where they can be observed. Outside these areas the effects of the solar eclipse are more subtle, hidden or difficult to notice.

The solar eclipses are always accompanied by a new moon since Moon is passing directly between the Sun and Earth. Thus solar eclipses have a theme of new beginnings with intense, sparkling effect.

Some accompanying events with this solar eclipse:

  • Libra rises in Finland, Scorpio in Turkey
  • Additionally, Uranus in retrograde (in addition to Saturn, Pluto, Neptune, Mars, Chiron and Mercury)
  • Two smoothly moving beneficial planets, Jupiter and Venus
  • The eclipse occurs in Leo

This solar eclipse will bring to focus relationships, agreements and mediations. We will feel its effects in our hopes, dreams, rewards and social life. It will emphasize tensions in our love life, relations to our children and our enjoyable activities. Though there is some lack of resources to realize our hopes, there is also a high probability of finding unexpected support for those.

Accidents and disruptions are prone to happen during this period during recreational activities. Also this may be a time in our life when we may be too optimistic and self-sacrificing. There may be an increase in the urge to use alcohol in everyday life — in that case it would be more beneficial to try artistic activities as a replacement. In general, let’s be careful about health problems which can be on increase in unexplained ways.

Aries and Aries rising

After these two eclipses Aries people have to live through a period of opposition; their areas of creativity, children and pleasurable activities are in opposition with their long term dreams, hopes and social responsibilities. In your choices one parameter covers monetary resources and you have to pay attention to it. There is an element of unexpectedness in your monetary situation; either you may suddenly get money from somewhere to fulfill your dreams or you have to spend already allocated resources in something completely different. Nevertheless, even if you do have such unexpected fluctuations in monetary situation, you seem to be in a fortunate situation in trying to find resources from bank, relatives or other circles.

There may be stressful conditions in your business or career lifes in the near future that stressfully push you forward and create new responsibilities for you, perhaps things like project revisions or extra re-work are waiting for you ahead. You can solve this increasing tempo by using intensely your communication and business association skills.

If we consider the effects of the solar eclipse as a year, then during the next year, you will be very lucky in serious relationships and in all kind of partnerships. Let’s also underline that the eclipse of the sun is realized at the house of love for Aries people. Additionally, Venus is entering the house of relationships and partnerships at this time. Thus positive developments are likely in in your relationships or partnerships during this time. This period is promising for new and healthy relationships being formed if you are single.

Taurus and Taurus rising

The Taurus people may have spent the time preceding these eclipses hurrying at work and losing their energy. You probably wanted to just stay peacefully at home, but life has forced you out and to hurry. It is expected that you still haven’t acclimatized to this urge for action and change that was brought to you by Uranus. Retrograde Uranus will be a little easier for you and suits you better. After the solar eclipse Uranus will retrograde and that will give you time to get acclimatized to this difficult transformation with Uranus.

After the solar eclipse you will have a chance to organize everyday life better and it’s also a good time for adding more sociability to daily life routines. You will will be able to renew energies which have depleted at work by adding a bit more artistic activities in daily life or by pampering yourself somehow. You really deserve a good massage after this hectic time.

In one-to-one relationships you are getting increased numbers of unexpected confessions of attraction and even partnership proposals. If you already have a long term relationship, this relationship has high potential to become a marriage.

Gemini and Gemini rising

For Gemini people the period of these eclipses has an effect on their close family relations, education, communication and distant journeys. You should be careful on these journeys if it means are travelling abroad and far away since the trips may be subject to sudden plan changes.

This period has potential for some heavy changes in your life such as transformations, crises, losses and deaths. Don’t take this too seriously, it may just be a difficult year for you ahead and each individual chart will work differently. For more accurate analysis we would need to do individual interpretation.

This period could be fruitful for concentrating on spiritual issues. I would advise to make any distant holiday plans so that they would be spiritually meaningful to you, like a pilgrimage.

Your creativity in career area is strong. Rather than spending this period dreaming you could utilize it more fruitfully by making step-by-step plans to realize your dreams. But don’t be deceived, avoid making wrong decisions. In this period, you have potential to become sort of locked at home because of accidents or you may encounter unexpected enemies. You are just paying for your karmic debts during this time, don’t worry.

Cancer and Cancer rising

This period emphasizes your resources and all kind of resources of your partners. If you have some old plans for using or increasing your resources, this is good time to re-examine those plans. In partnerships, arguments about the resources of your partner may come into the picture. Despite your hasty attitude, your partner may choose to slow things down and react slowly. Fortunately you will receive support from your immediate personal vicinity and your family.

This is a period when your chances of love, relationships and children are high. It is possible to experience deep love, but there is also a possibility of more than just one relationship. In gambling you will be lucky but because of your excessive optimism you may also loose what you have won. Easy come easy go.

This period can also be used to observe and solve the problems in your long-term relationships, to establish strong bounds with your partner and to determine the date of marriage.

There may be surprising changes in your relationships within groups. Say, you visit a social welfare institution that you have been wondering about, and you can suddenly become a member and even part of the administration of that institution.

Leo and Leo rising

These eclipses are pointing to you. You may have a confrontation and debate over your long-term relationship or partnership. You may experience communication and expression problems as well as be misunderstood in this period.

You have lots of luck in monetary and close family areas. If you have had problems for a long time in your relationship, you will either solve these problems or break your bonds.

You will be paid well for your work, but an intense, disciplined and heavy work period awaits you. This heavy daily life can make you even sick. Be careful about depression, bones and dental health. In this period, you are likely to spend money on beauty, enjoyment and art.

In a way, you have a crowded, lush and lucky home life. But you should keep your expectations about your partner’s resources at minimum. Unexpected, sudden career or social status change is possible for you.

Virgo and Virgo rising

During this period you will be such a cute and charming person and you might have a lot of luck in monetary area. Maybe you will have great love perhaps with a well matching and perfect person, however this relationship will be heavy for you, indeed there are some difficulties ahead if it happens. If you do not yet have such a relationship, something like that will very likely start during this period. It may be a slowly starting relationship, perhaps you change your mind despite your intense wish to make it happen. It could be a relationship with so intense feelings that you are not able to act on quickly.

Be attentive in your everyday life as there is potential for sports injuries or accidents. You might spend a period at home or in hospital because of these. On the other hand If you have plans for career change this year, your future might be in the healthcare sector.

This period may be a period when you will confront your hidden fears and perhaps be able to clean up your fears, I actually mean that your fears may materialize. But you have resources and power to confront them. You are loved, there is support from your closest relationships. If your career life is at standstill, consider it a preparation period for new big breakthroughs in your career.

In this period, sudden overseas plans may develop for you in academic life. If you have intentions to go back to university or changing the field, this year is very convenient for these.

Libra and Libra rising

I think you should stop complaining and worrying. These eclipses trigger your creativity and potential to reach your dreams. Perhaps instead of making new plans you should take some steps towards what you have been dreaming of since the past. There is a possibility of a change in love or children area in this period, like an unexpected love, or an unexpected pregnancy that will eventually take place after a prolonged struggle.

If you have a relationship that you would not want to reveal, or if you have feelings that you are suppressing, these things will come to light in this period.

There is potential for unexpected changes in your or your partner’s resources, perhaps inheritance related. There may not be much escape from the scattering of your everyday life or the sacrifices you make, but you will see great benefit in trying to focus by meditating or playing a musical instrument, or painting.

There is also the possibility of a destined encounter at this time with your former partner who has hurt you in the past, or an encounter that yields a healthy new start that will heal your wounds.

Scorpio and Scorpio rising

You are lucky since you will dive into the depths of life in this period. Your platonic love may be approaching you. It is a period that can prevent you from finding out a person from your dreams. And for a while you may have to live this love away from people’s eyes. For a while you might continue to love that person with all your optimism.

In this period you may have problems with your close relatives and your siblings. Your main axis will be your home and your career. You might make some changes at home. In your career area you can expect a new beginning, a new shining period, in this year’s menu.

Especially this period offers a good opportunity for you to limit your daily harmful habits. Remember, only you can heal and transform yourself. Consider this period as beneficial. Despite your daily life is intense and aggressive, you might gain some weight in this period. But we all know that you have the necessary will power to increase your physical activity and perhaps to stop smoking.

If you have plans for your home, act on them slowly as there is a risk for hurrying to turn into a crisis.

Sagittarius and Sagittarius rising

You are joining these eclipses with distant journeys, higher education, spiritual issues, and close relations. It could be beneficial to practice some meditation during this period. You have a chance to experience some tension with your siblings and close relatives. You may experience plan changes on your far away trips.

There may be unexpected changes in your economic situation. This could be a sudden spike in spending or an unexpected income.

Fateful coincidences can affect your love life. Perhaps on your travels you will meet new people or their acquaintances that will ignite love in you. A positive period in your career and future plans. Your chances are high in groups. However, there may be occasions when you have issues in close relationships or communication area and you are forced to check your anger sometimes, or you may be exposed to sudden bursts of anger from others.

Watch out for sudden accidents especially with electrical appliances in everyday life. Due to sudden discomfort from these accidents, you may have to postpone your plans.

Capricorn and Capricorn rising

In your economic situation there may be a change in your assets or the resources of your partner. You will spend more time focusing on your resources. Personally, it’s a time when you will feel quite strong and you’re building up something. You may experience sudden changes in your love life or in your situation with your children while you may have to make sacrifices for the close relatives in this period.

This period shows potential for serious change and transformation in you, but you are in a strong position in your career matters, your power to realize your dreams is high. But you should take care that this change and stressful situation will not affect your health.

Aquarius and Aquarius rising

This period can be particularly challenging for relations and partnerships. There is great benefit for you if you will not react with sudden impulses but control your anger. It is a good idea to focus on “us” rather than “myself”, by putting yourself in the background and listening to the other side.

In this period you will have positive developments in your financial resources, but you should try to make some kind of controlled and reasonable expenditures. There can be sudden and unexpected changes in your home life.

You are not responsible for all the events in the world, you should stop feeling like you are responsible for everything and focus on what you can do with what you do.

This period can mark a successful partnership or marriage for you. It also points to a positive turn in your career.

Pisces and Pisces rising

You should focus on organizing your everyday life and improving your health during this period. This period would be perfect for leaving your harmful habits and addictions to heal yourself. You can quit smoking, start dieting and sports, and even lead other people to such transformative paths. If you feel that you are not strong enough to realize your dreams, perhaps you can meditate to connect with yourself.

Be careful of hidden hostilities or karmic events during this period.

You are at the beginning of a period of serious transformation where you can create new things from the ashes of the past. Enter this change consciously. If you try to avoid this transformation and do not take necessary steps, you may be forced to make these adjustments later because of serious health problems.

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