September 2018

Maybe a little tired in September but we start in a slightly more positive atmosphere. This month’s astrological charts are as follows:

  • Mars stationary in early September and began to move forward. Now we are a little more energetic and unfortunately we can be a bit more aggressive in the coming days.
  • Mercury is beginning to accelerate. Our social life getting active, maybe we have a little more to go around.
  • Mercury enters Virgo on 5th September, and Libra on September 21st. It will be in opposition with Neptune this month. We are more precise about everyday life and details, we will work efficiently and we can do permanent things. After September 21st, it will help us to communicate and connect more.
  • Saturn was stationary at the beginning of the month. Although the stationary situation where you can withdraw your energy being somewhat dependent on the Saturn location on your map, the fact that it will start moving smoothly after September 6th indicates that you can now take action on some serious issues.
  • Venus is in the Scorpio on September 9th, and September 12th opposing Uranus (exact degree) while the square with Mars continues. You’ve seen this movie before, but you may have look through it again, taking your lessons in some things that you generally avoid in deep relationships and bonds.
  • September 11th – Mars is passing by Aquarius. Finally, you will be relieved of your stuck energy, but be careful, as in this period Mars goes to unite with the South Node, it is like an invitation to accidents and fighting.
  • September 12th  – Jupiter-Pluto in sextile. The connection between these two slow moving planets continues for a long time, but this is the exact degree date could get the ball to the goal through us. You can feel the influence of massive, secret, deep powers in some area of ​​your life (the exact area changing from individual to individual).
  • September 18th – Mars-Uranus square so this time is like a bomb. Try your best meditating to stay calm, do not explode, avoid hurting anyone.
  • September 21 – Mercury and the Sun in Libra. Happy birthday, Libra people.
  • September 26th – Mars conjuncts with South Node. In this period, Mars will not work in a fruitful manner. There may be confrontations with a number of male figures from your past.
  • September 30th – Pluto stationary.

In September, we enter with a grand trine in the earth element, Uranus continues its retrograde movement in Taurus, Sun in Virgo, and Saturn is retrograde in Capricorn. Monthly themes are Uranus-Saturn trine and Jupiter-Neptune trine. Later this month this grand trine will change form as Sun will leave and Mercury will fill the place.

At this time we will be in a state of support and impetus for the things we want to build on in our lives. Our creative ideas and plans continue to grow within us but not taking practical steps. Uranus and Saturn in retrograde indicates that we should wait a while until the right time to take action. After 6th of September we will start more positive transition.

During the month, the Jupiter-Neptune trine is also a sign of our potential for over-exaggeration and false perception. The Mars – South Node combination, which will last almost through September, also warns us about quarrels, sudden angers and accidents. (Note the date of conjunct above.)



September 9th Virgo new moon, Taurus is rising in Finland and Turkey. Jupiter is descending. The full moon is in the fifth house. In general, it is useful to be careful against the harsh effects of Pluto and Saturn in this period, while giving us help in creativity, self-expression, perhaps children, maybe love. It’s a little bit more positive new moon for Finland, tensions are harder for Turkey.

Neptune opposing the new moon, maybe pointing to our unrealistic goals, which are distracting as we need to focus on details and concreteness while trying to make clear and practical decisions.

This new moon’s general theme: Maybe we prefer to leave the control to our partner or the other side in our relation, we are in a period when we are looking for continuity in our work and security. Although we remain calm and confident and resist the change, this period could bring sudden changes in financial matters, perhaps in international affairs and in our career life. Although there are risks, this period is a time when creativity, dreams, and growth intentions at work can give positive outputs despite distressed managers.

We may find it difficult to overcome strange tensions in partner relationships without turning them into fights. Although we have left control to the other side and even though we have overestimated our partner a bit optimistically, this can sometimes cause anger in us and sometimes weird reflections that we are unable to comprehend.

You might change your outward appearance with crazy decisions. Even if people around you love the changes you made, the result may not satisfy you, so be careful.



Aries full moon indicates potential to start finalizing the jobs we have intended on the new moon. Virgo is ascending, and full moon is in 2nd/8th houses axis. In this period, we might pay attention to financial issues, it points to a more rigorous and detailed atmosphere. Problems may arise with partner’s resources. Saturn accompanies full moon in T-square, in a way to emphasizing the frugality, restricting us not to spend more, and not to go to extreme in joys.

In this period, it is a good idea to be careful about accidents. We may have unexpected expenses due to health problems. We can somehow struggle in everyday life without dispute.

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