Who am I

My interest in astrology did not begin at such a young age, earliest memories are from the high school years where someone had a book in the dormitory about “horoscopes and love life” which we occasionally read and giggled about.

A decade later I stumbled upon a book by Jacques A. Bertrand: The Sadness of Libra and the Other Signs  (the original: Tristesse de la Balance et autres signes), which was actually very accurate and pointing to correct directions while making fun of the horoscopes. It became my favorite book for many years but still it was the only astrology book in my library for a long time. I spent my days reading literally thousands of books on almost every other possible topic until I met with astrology again.

From where the interest in astrology came?

One day, a friend told me that a friend’s sister is becoming an astrologer. She’s a very sane, sweet girl, actually an advocate by profession. She was interested in astrology, went to school to study it, finished and wanted to start an astrologer career. I was asked if I would also like to have a look at my chart, just for fun and for supporting her budding new career. I responded that I would gladly help someone in their first steps in an alternative profession, but didn’t have any serious expectations. I made the phone call and agreed on a meeting.

She said a lot of things about me. She spoke a lot about my family, my business life, my character, my sister, my relationship with my parents, my dreams, and she did not miss the target too much in any of these, but still I wasn’t impressed. However what made a great impression on me was that she was able to tell all these things just by looking a single picture that looked like a dish with points and lines on it (my natal chart).

This was the point when the idea of ​​learning astrology became an interesting option to me. After all, it was knowledge that had been accumulated over a very long period through experience and observation, had become cultural heritage and generator of many sciences of mankind. It felt like a pleasant weekend activity for me, to learn about the mythology and the language of symbols behind astrology. I asked her who was her teacher and how she had studied. She told her teacher was Hakan Kırkoğlu from School of Wisdom of Sky. She also told that she can see from the chart that I have potential to become a good astrologer, and was wondering why I hadn’t been more interested in it earlier.

After the meeting everything was back to normal but quite soon even the skeptic in me started to consider astrology more seriously. During the session, I had asked out of curiosity if there were any particular issues in my chart. Specifically I was worried that I’m going to spend all my life alone. I felt like I was the only single person in the world. I asked about that and a lot of other questions too.

She said to me: You will encounter someone next year or the year after that. If you don’t marry first time, you will definitely marry next time within one year after your acquaintance and by a sudden decision. Probably the person you are going to marry will be foreigner and you will probably live abroad as you are destined to go abroad. I took this as a consolation — you know, at least there’s still some hope in the stars.

Who am I to live abroad, for God’s sake? My English is poor, would it be possible at all? Despite my studies at one of the best English language based colleges in Turkey, I barely understood what I read and couldn’t speak much, mostly still using simple sentences like yes, no and maybe. With a foreigner, it would not be possible to survive. I’m incapable of explaining my troubles even in my mother tongue to local people and if I had to try to do that in English I would probably become an alcoholic.

But first I found Hakan Kırkoğlu’s web page, then his astrology school, signed up and started to study with him. After coincidences, coincidences and more coincidences, a Finn came into my life three months after this chart reading, and four months later, we were hurriedly married. And I moved to Finland exactly when the girl said to me “it would be good time for you if you go on a trip abroad”.

I actually started to take astrology more seriously after these events. The first year of training was also very useful. The beginning of this story was in 2011. Since then, I have been immersed in studying astrology and with every chart my skeptic part is getting more and more surprised.

My astrological approach

I’m not always looking at my own chart trying to track down some nonsense, bad story that I’ve experienced, or great my character and powers. But, I like to use as an excuse to my laziness or depression because of retrograde planets, Saturn or Mars transits.

The movement of the planets also says that everything is a cycle, everything will pass and change in a term, which is a useful idea in times of trouble.

When I was learning astrology, my motivation was not to solve my own problems with astrology. But I enjoy watching the quality of time, looking at other people, their stories and their history as astrological symbols.

A birth chart has its own challenges, amenities and potentials. It is very enjoyable to talk about these potentials and listen to the stories of people and shed light on the potentials and make predictions using this symbolic language.

But I think that as a subject, man has a power and potential beyond the boundaries of astrological maps or interpretations of people.

How and where I learned astrology

As with almost everything, it is very important to learn astrology correctly from the right people. First I started as a student of Hakan Kırkoğlu. There are other respected astrologers in Turkey too, but with some of them I probably would have stopped on the first day and ended back in the skeptic side.

After leaving Turkey I continued my studies with UK based Mayo School of Astrology. Hakan’s Wisdom of Sky started network option for the second year’s classes and I joined it too. First I got the certificate from Wisdom of Sky, then Mayo School of Astrology. Now I’m about to finish the diploma program of Mayo. I have also entered some separate classes at the Wisdom of Sky and received the Horary Practitioner certificate from Deborah Holding’s School of Traditional Astrology. In between, I attended various webinars and medieval astrology courses of Demetra George, Bernadette Brady and other astrologers, and I have read a lot of books.

I live in Helsinki. Although astrology is not as common here as in popular culture in Turkey, astrologers here have gained valuable years of dedication to astrology. I am a member of the Finnish Astrologers Association (which will celebrate its 55th anniversary in the coming year), and I am also on the board of directors this year. In addition, I am a member of ISAR (International Society of Astrological Research) and AA (Astrological Association).


I prefer classical, traditional, Hellenistic approaches in my own astrology practice. I don’t have special psychic powers, I’m not someone who can see and hear things that aren’t visible in the chart. I use only astrology and astrological techniques and a little bit of my own life experience.

I would like to thank my teachers who introduced me to astrology and my friends with whom we have learned a lot together, and all my friends who believed in astrology more than I, and had contributed to my education by giving their info for charts, asking questions and giving feedback at every opportunity.